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Message From President

“If you can dream it you can do it” — W. Disney

President and CEO

Ms. Luu Thi Ngoc

"Partners Plus". The name was chosen because I wanted to bring a plus to my company and the partners I was previously working with. That "plus" is just an expression of gratefulness.
I was born in Hanoi at the end of the Vietnam War. Interested in Japan, I learned Japanese and was granted a scholarship to attend Osaka University in Economy and Management. After a final year in France, I came back to Japan. I then became Director of the Japanese branch of a Vietnamese company dealing with Vietnamese and Japanese governments, collectivities, and companies. That experience has been a great opportunity to meet and learn from many people from different backgrounds, people with whom I still keep strong bounds. As an expression of gratitude for the education I received in Vietnam and the considerable help I got from Japanese people, I decided to create Partners Plus. 
Bringing to Vietnam the excellence of Japanese technology, their know-how and their products, and importing vietnamese natural resource and work force, I want to build new bridges profiting both countries. Grateful for new encounters, I still aim at "plus" and push forward. We look forward for your assistance and your guidance.












of the CEO

Born in Vietnam (still Vietnamese national)

Studying Japanese at Hanoi University

Japanese language and culture at Osaka University


Return to Vietnam, working development of industrial plant of a Japanese company.  


Worked 3 years in charge of quality and environment management for a group of Japanese manufacturer


Economy and Management at Osaka University and ESC-EAP in Paris, France.


During my MBA course, worked at the environment management of a large American maker 


Director of the Japanese branch of a Vietnamese company


Established Partners Plus in Japan   

-Company Philosophy-

‟Customer satisfaction” and ‟Contribution to society”






Our customer's interest comes first, our share allows us to build a healthy business

We value credibility and trust, and do everything to satisfy our clients and customers

We aim at building a flexible and innovative structure able to give a quick and professional answer



Sale of Jokkaso in Vietnam. 5 hundred millions yens of sales in 2 and a half years.


Sale of incinerators in Vietnam. 5 hundred millions yens of sales in 3 years.

◆Uchida Yoko

Introduction of educational equipment. Presentation

◆Vietnamese government
Management of an investment seminar committee with the Vietnamese Government and the     Embassy

◆Planning and holding of the signing ceremony between Mitsubishi Reillon and Vietnam Water     Treatment and Sewage Association

◆Mainichi Shinbun promotion in Vietnam to support Vietnamese and Japanese entreprenarial cooperation society

Strengths of Partners Plus

Work efficiency

Accuracy and responsiveness, to cut the cost and time for the customer

Strong network

Local feedback and knowledge, strong network involving government and administation

Cost effectiveness
High Performance

Our service offer is built on cost effectiveness, professionalism and added-value

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