-Imported goods-

Natural rubber

Cooperating and involved in quality assessment with rubber farms in Vietnam, we supply natural rubber to industrials in Japan.


Wood pellets and PKS have gained a lot of attention in the search for alternative fuel resources.

Construction material

Produced in Vietnamese factory following a Japanese process, those building materials meet Japanese standards and are available at a vary effective cost.


Vietnam is second to Brazil in coffee production. We import robusta coffees from organic farms.


We import organic fertilizers and cattle food made form powdered shrimp and crab shells.

-Export goods-


Kubota is a leading company in wastewater treatment. As their representing agent, we support the marketing and develop new markets, contributing to the conservation and respect of the environment.


Vietnamese people like Japanese household, health and personal care products. Following our experience with cleaning supplies, our company can provide the necessary support to penetrate the Vietnamese market in wholesale or retail.


The image of Japanese cosmetics and beauty products benefited from its famous brands. We can provide the necessary support to any maker being interested by the Vietnamese market.


To answer to the growing concern of Vietnamese consumers in health, we provide a wide selection of Japan-made products.