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Human Resources

​Vietnamese technicians


In collaboration with the Institute of Technology and the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, we can introduce highly motivated and brilliant students with a specialization in electronics or mechanical engineering.

​Students and technical



With 65% of its population under 30, Vietnam is a young and sparkling country. Avid to learn, serious and meticulous at work, Vietnamese students are made for the Japanese industrial environment. We can introduce highly selected candidates from Hanoi University of Science and Technology and famous universities for internships.

​Care and nursing


According to the EPA signed by Japanese and Vietnamese governments, we can introduce you to care and nursing personnel willing to work in Japan. Our partnership with Nursing Schools, we are able to introduce personnel with a proper knowledge of Japanese.

Characteristics of Partners Plus

Having been living in Japan for 15 years, my executive experience gives me a good idea of the kind of profiles that are needed by Japanese companies. Based on that experience and cultural background, we are able to scout and introduce valuable talents.
In Vietnam, we are involved in training programs and linguistic courses to prepare future candidates to their life in Japan.

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